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green industry will create new jobs

The Green Industry Creates New Jobs For The Global Economy

The issue of climate change is a hot topic across the globe, and many countries believe that they should take action to combat it. Many studies indicate that climate change is a result of global warming that in turn is caused by human activity.

Activities like industrialization and the use of fossil fuels in different sectors across the economy contribute to the emission of greenhouse gasses. These gases form a shield over time in the space and trap heat which leads to warming of the earth. The phenomenon of global warming has adverse effects such as rising seas, droughts as well as floods in different parts of the globe.

The aspect of climate change can pose a severe threat to the lives of humans, animals and the environment at large. It is against this background that in December 2015, the United Nations (UN) member states signed the historic Paris Agreement accord on climate change.

The Paris Agreement is a framework upon which different member countries can draw their environmental policies to combat the challenge of climate change. All the member states pledged to fight climate change by maintaining temperature rises below two degrees Celsius.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), a UN organ believes that a green economy can combat the challenge of climate change.  ILO’s 2018 report on World Employment … Read More