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America Gets Its First Offshore Wind Farm

Finally, it is here; the historical and incredibly groundbreaking Block Island Wind Farm, Americas first offshore wind farm has completed its testing phase and is ready for action.

Based in Rhode Island, the sole purpose of this offshore wind farm is the delivery of clean, reliable energy to the New England power grid on a continuous basis and the nation could not be more excited for this first of many offshore wind farms to be up and running.

Deepwater Wind, as well as their team of engineers and technicians, are the brains and brawn behind this amazing project. Thanks to their incredible innovation and ingenuity, the Block Island Wind Farm will be spinning its five massive turbines for years to come, alongside many other wind farms that will be built along the East Coast.

The project was a full-time job for two long years, and at the end, Deepwater Wind finished exactly on time and bang on budget. This rarely happens in the construction industry and is an incredible achievement and one that needs an applause.

However, this would not have been possible without the help of over three hundred local workers from in and around Rhode Island as well as Quonset Point, ProvPort, Block Island, and Galilee; the four port facilities from Rhode Island that Deepwater Wind utilized over the two years of construction.

Many investors in the project had a crucial role to play. These included Deepwater Winds principal owner, Citi, an affiliate of the D.E. Shaw group, lenders Societe Generale, GE Energy Financial Services, La Caixa, Cobank, KeyBank, SMBC, and HSBC.

Gulf Island Fabrication, LM Windpower, Montco Offshore, GE Renewable Energy, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, Weeks Marine, and LS Cable were some of the invaluable construction and supplier partners that helped and supported Deepwater Winds along the way and ensured that they materials that they used to build The Block Island Wind Farm were of excellent quality.

The five massive offshore wind turbines are the heart of the who operation and were supplied by GE Renewable Energy. They were also the same people who boarded the Rhode Island-built Atlantic Pioneer, a crew vessel for four months to go and test The Block Island Wind Farm on a regular basis.

Offshore Wind

The construction of The Block Island Wind Farm used many local contractors such as Aero Mechanical Inc., AECOM, Aladdin Electric, AIS Observers, Badd AIS Observers, Challenge Electronics, Blount Boats, DiPrete Engineering, Communication Systems Inc., E.W. Audet, Duffy & Shanley, ESS Group, Eagle Elevator, Fuss & ONeill, Essex Newbury, GZA, GeoEnvironmental, Hinckley Allen, Mott MacDonald, VHB, Mayforth Group, Hart Engineering, Keough & Sweeney, Specialty Diving Services, Waterson Terminal Services, Meridan Ocean Services, WF Shea, Inspire Environmental, National Grid and Rhode Island Fast Ferry Atlantic Wind Transfers.

Using locally sourced contractors and workers is so important, not only does it increase the economic growth of that particular area but it also has so many unusual knock-on effects such as the reduction of petty crime.

Not only will groundbreaking and historic The Block Island Wind Farm be powering homes and businesses in Rhode Island with clean energy, but it will also minimize the pressure on America’s scarce fossil fuels and puts Rhode Island at the pinnacle of innovation and growth when it comes to clean and reliable energy.

Climate change is a very real threat and America as a nation has a responsibility respond, react and rectify the problem by reducing the carbon footprint and building and supporting innovative industries like this one says, Congressman David N. Cicilline. He also mentioned that The Block Island Wind Farm was the first step to America embracing more green and sustainable industries.

Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski thanked the employees that are local for their extremely hard work and dedication to the cause and also said that the unwavering support that they received from Rhode Island as a whole was a major contributing factor to their success.

 Block Island Wind Farm

In a statement released to the public, Governor Gina M. Raimondo reinforced how proud Rhode Island and the Ocean State is to have the first offshore wind farm on their soil. She congratulated Deepwater Wind as well as their partners for leading the project that will now ensure incredible economic growth and has created and will still create more jobs for many locals at seas as well as maintain the seashore submarine transmission cable system that operates the Block Island Wind Farm.

Another wonderful by-product of the wind farm, she says, is that Rhode Island can start the process of living more sustainably so that the youth will have a healthier place to live. She finished off her statement by saying that she has no doubt that this flagship offshore wind farm will spur a change in the nation, to become more energy efficient to create a more sustainable future.