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We try to provide interesting “green” topics that our readers can use in their own lives. And if you find an issue or have something you think we should add as an article please drop us a line below in the comments section.

– Pieter

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Julia

    Hello! I just read your article on Thermal Imaging at wind turbines and I got really interested on it. I work for a company that does inspections on wind turbines and I want to bring that technology here. Do you know about any online course about the analysis of the thermal images? Any help would be great.

    Thank you,
    Julia Oliveira

  2. Michael C. Forrestall

    I have seen a couple articles about these green roof hobbit homes that can be built quickly but I have not seen contact information for the manufacturer to find out about pricing or availability.

  3. Charles

    A google search will give you the information you seek. We do not sell or build the Green “Hobbit” Homes. Just sharing information with the public and raise awareness for options.

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