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Surprising Facts About Solar Panels For The Home

The number of people acquiring solar panels for the home has been increasing gradually.

This is being driven by the desire to have green or cleaner energy. Solar energy is also renewable and does not pollute the environment. However, the uptake of solar panels especially in the home is still quite low. This is being experienced despite the mass campaigns.

The following are some reasons why investing in a solar panel is beneficial:

1. Durable

Great strides have been made in solar panel technology. A few years back, the photovoltaic panels were not very strong. Actually, many would rarely last for more than 10 years. However, modern panels are quite sturdy. They feature stronger material and designs. Most of the solar panels found today can easily last for 40 to 50 years.

2. Cheaper

Cost has always stopped many people from investing in solar panels. Initially, the panels were quite pricey. However, this is no longer the case; in fact, the price of the panels for solar is always coming down. This is credited to increased competition in the market. Also, better technology is making it cheaper to produce them. Good brands that last for as many as 50 years will not cost much.

3. Zero Maintenance

One of the real benefits of photovoltaic panels is zero maintenance. Once you install them, you simply forget about it. They don’t require any monthly service or maintenance. They rarely breakdown. And they are not affected by the elements. They can withstand the harsh sun and strong winds. The material such as glass does not fade. This ensures optimum power production is maintained.

4. Sell Excess Power

More and more people are installing solar panels in their home. The power generated by the home grids is growing quite fast. The federal government is asking power generating companies to buyback the excess power generated by the home solar systems. Homeowners are therefore making money from their investment. Within a short time, an individual will have recouped his cost.

5. Easy Installation

solar panels for home install

Installing solar panels for home is quite easy.  It follows a very simple process which most installers are familiar with. Actually, many vendors will offer the service as part of their after sale service. DIY (Do-it-yourself) home solar kits can be installed by any person with basic skills. Adding a new panel is also simple and straightforward.

6. No Noise

Solar energy is the most silent source of power. The panel produces no noise because there are no moving parts in the entire system. The complete kit is made up of a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery, and an inverter.  Due to the panel’s silent nature, it can be used anywhere. It also creates a peaceful environment.

7. Tax Credit

The push for the adoption of solar energy is always growing. This is simply because power from the sun is among the cleanest and most abundant.  Governments are giving people incentives to purchase the panels.  Homeowners may be able to receive tax credits or rebates after making a purchase, bringing the cost of ownership down.

8. Easy to Increase Power

Increasing the power output in other systems is a lengthy process, that may require additional resources, materials, and labor.  Nonetheless, increasing the power output in a solar system is pretty simple. It is just a matter of adding or connecting another panel. No transmission costs and no costs of wiring.

9. User-friendly

Compared to other sources of energy both renewable and non-renewable, solar energy is the most user-friendly. First, it incurs a one-off installation cost. Second, it has zero-maintenance. Third, it is quite flexible. Four, it is the most eco-friendly.

10. Versatile

Solar panels for the home come in a wide assortment. This is credited to enhanced technology. The most common type is the flat and rigid solar panel. Nonetheless, other types are being invented.

There is the rollable and foldable solar panel which is quite portable. It is mainly used for small appliances. These include lanterns, radios, phones, pumps and more.

Solar energy is commonly referred to as the energy for the future. Energy from the sun is expected to replace that from fossil fuels in the near future. This being the case, homeowners should think about investing in solar panels.

Now is the right time considering the drop in prices. The panels are also long-lasting. The solar panels for home also come with longer warranty from the manufacturer.