The Top Ten Anti-Polluting Plants

Did you know that there are natural occurring fighters of pollution?

These are plants that you can keep inside your home and your rooms will be free from pollution – much like the latest vacuum cleaner that you might have bought.

Here’s the list of the top ten plants that you can keep at home to help fight pollution.

  1. Feston Rose Plant: helps purify the air in the room and also has a lovely aroma so works like a sort of room freshener. Bears bright colored flowers.
  2. The Devil’s ivy: this fights the most common pollutants in the house such as carbon monoxide and benzene etc. This plant grows like ivy, so you can keep it on your top shelf for it to grow down.
  3. The Garlic Vine: this plant serves the purpose of air purification for sure, but the leaves of the vine also serve the purpose of treating several bodily ailments such as sore throats and cold etc. all which can be treated by garlic itself. So the plant has two uses.
  4. The Peace Lily: this plant is perfect for placing inside your house if you use a lot of nail polish and other adhesives and solvent kinds of substances. These products release chemicals such as benzene and xylene etc all of which are purified form the air by this plant.
  5. Phalaenopsis: this also helps in purifying the air around it and bears very pretty purple and white flowers. This plant should be kept indoors and not under direct sunlight.
  6. The English Ivy: this is the perfect plant to keep your rooms toxin free as it clears the air of all that is toxic such as fecal particles which might just be present if you have pets at home as well as others like Formaldehyde aerosols etc.
  7. The Parlor Ivy: this is also a plant that makes the air in your house fresh and healthy by purifying it of all chemicals that might be harmful to you. The plant bears pretty heart shaped leaves.
  8. The African Violets: again, this plant too is known for keeping the air fresh and has the most endearing look. The flowers are pretty and of bright colors such as violet and others.
  9. The Christmas cactus: this plant is perfect for placing inside bathrooms. Not only do they make the bathroom appear pretty as the flowers the plant bears are very pretty in color but they would also help keep the air of the bathroom fresh.
  10. The Yellow Goddess: this plant is also great for keeping the air of the room in which it is placed very clean and free of toxins. The plant itself looks very pretty with a beautiful yellow flower. The size of the plant is very small yet it bears lovely flowers and thus makes a perfect houseplant.