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Top Ten Ways of Being Environmental Friendly

If you really want to do your part for the environment you really do not have to take too much trouble on a daily basis to keep that promise to yourself.  In fact, there are some very easy daily things that you can maintain and thereby do your bit for the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

This is a very easy concept. All you have to do to reduce waste and thus reduce environmental pollution is to reuse as many things as possible. Also, recycling those things that are recyclable is the best that you can do to reduce pollution.

Avoid heat and air condition:

You do not have to live in sweltering heat or the bitter cold for this, just to avoid using the heater and the air conditioner. You could simply install insulation in your wall or weather strips to help do the job for you.

Use the right light bulb:

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are the most environmentally friendly and so try changing the regular light bulbs that you use for those. These bulbs give out very little heat and also consume little energy.

Drive as little as possible:

Avoid driving to short distances, especially to places where you can make it on foot itself. The lesser you use an automobile, the lesser would be the emissions given out.

Go for products that are energy-efficient:

Whenever you are buying something new that requires energy, try going for one that is environmentally friendly. For example, if you are planning to buy a new car, select one that offers decent gas mileage.

Avoid hot water:

This might sound absurd to you but it is actually a fact. The reason behind this is the fact that so much energy is spent just trying to heat water. So try and conserve hot water use it as little as possible.

Turn it off:

This is actually the easiest way of helping the environment, by switching off all electrical connections that you do not need at the present moment. A collective saving of energy in this fashion helps conserve energy as a whole on this planet.

Plant a tree:

Another very easy way of helping the environment is by planting a new tree every year. If you do this, you will be helping the environment in the best way possible. Very soon the earth would be running short of trees and their benefits and you would be counter-acting that.

Conserve water:

Water is another very important component of the environment and you need to use water wisely without wasting any. There might be a massive shortage of water on earth and you should again be countering that from now itself.

Encourage others:

Another great thing you could do is encourage others to be environmentally conscious as well. Only if it is a joint project will it actually help?