glasss recycling

What Good Is Glass-Recycling?

Recycling glass is a simple and cost efficient way to help the environment that is also super beneficial.

The point is that if you throw away a bottle made of glass and you sit comfortably thinking it is being taken care of in the landfill, it is actually not the case.

That glass bottle will easily take up to a million years to actually break down. Till then it would just be polluting the environment constantly. However, in contrast to that if you recycle that bottle of glass then within a month that same glass will be used somewhere else serving a better purpose.

Most glass containers are completely recyclable and should be recycled for better use than just lying in a landfill. The glass containers being completely recyclable it also means that the same container can be recycled several times without it losing the quality of its glass. Thus each time that it is recycled it retains all the purity of quality and thus is of the same standard. Also, if you must know, most glass containers already have a lot of recycled glass as its source. Nearly seventy percent of the glasses used in new glass containers that you are buying are from recovered glass through recycling. So recycling glass is actually quite a tried and tested process and imagine how much help it would be if we all recycled glass instead of just wasting it by throwing them away. Also, not only would you be saving on a lot of pollution that is caused by glass being thrown away, you would also be saving the planet environmentally by reducing the amount of energy that is expended on making glass.

When new glass is made, a lot of sand is heated and heated to high degrees of temperature that means that a lot of energy is taken up just to make new glass from scratch. This only leads to industrial pollution in the environment, all of which can be reduced only if you recycle glass as much as you can. So when you are recycling glass, you are simply crushing the glass container that you do not need anymore and that makes a cullet. So when other glass products are being made through that recycled product of glass called cullet, it takes up a lot less energy than is taken up when a new glass product is made right from scratch, that is because the cullet melts at a very low temperature compared to the sand that is required to make the glass.
So, when you recycle glass you are actually doing a big favor to the environment.