International Builders Show

2016 International Builders Show The Winner And Finalists

The International Builders Show (IBS) happened on January 10th-12th, 2016 in Orlando, FL and it attracted participants from all over the world. Innovation, good designs, builders/consumer-friendly, and functionality were the parameters used by the judges to determine winners in various categories.

The following is the list of the finalists and the winners of the best green technology & green building products category.

1. Aquarius Brands (S3710) – Retrax Solar Solutions

Engineered in Switzerland the Retrax Solar Solution is a transportable solar system that is fully assembled to include several solar panels, inverter, and cabling with an aim of providing clean and reliable energy. One can use a truck, train, plane, or ship to transport it. Its activation tome to 3-5 KW is stated to be less than 30 minutes which is a relatively good time.

2. JuiceBox Energy (S1134) – JuiceBox Energy Storage System

Juice Box partnered with Hawaiian Rising sun solar installations to come up with a JuiceBox Energy storage system that will provide reliable, connected, safe, and reliable energy storage. With this installation, the owner will benefit from power back up in events of a power outage, self-supply, real-time monitoring through modem and web interface. The system consists of a lithium-ion battery, proprietor charge control, and management. It also comes with a 10 years warranty. It is a both in and out house enclosure and comes in either AC and DC coupling configuration to support new and old solar installations.

3. Oikos (S4110) – Travertino Romano

Travertino Romano by Oikos is a decorative coating for the interior and exterior of buildings providing a green effect on buildings. This coating or plaster produces stone-like walls and when it dries you can make any design that you want on the walls. It comes in different colors and its application is easy, originally out of Italy now sold in the USA.

4. OutBack Power Technologies (S3400) – Outback Power Renewable Energy System

The Outback Power renewable energy system provides a wide range of renewable solar energy solutions to businesses and homes. The system is designed not only to promote sustainable energy independence but also to reduce operating costs and at the same time maximize solar output. The system has a wide range of renewable power solutions and even a commercial backup with an inverter/charger and batteries that provide clean power when there is a power outage.

5. Panasonic Eco Solutions (C2131) – SelectCycler

SelectCycler by Panasonic Eco solutions is a whole-house ventilation solution in a way that there is an efficient use of electricity in house ventilation to reduce energy costs. This is through the combination of the best parts of central fan integration ventilation and exhaust fan ventilation.

6. Rainwater Management Solutions (C6849)– Wisy WFF 150 Vortex Filter

This rainwater management solutions product emerged as the winner in this category. This innovation involves rainwater filtration through a system designed with Wisy products which eliminated the need to clean water tanks and filters or replace them. Before water enters the tank large particles that hide and feed Bactria are eliminated. The water is also aerated to reduce the number of harmful bacteria before the water enters the tank.
With technological advances and innovation 2016 is surely going to be a good year for builders. Looking forward to seeing what green building products will come up in the next contest.

This is a large international builders show and competition that happens annually and is worth keeping tabs on the current trends and inventions of renewable energy across the world.